With more than 30 years of experience in the three core business elements:

 wholesale, retail and PR.

The Wall has provided a comprehensive range of services from all aspects in a consistent process. In addition to our offices and showrooms, our two select stores in the premium areas of Tokyo are a testament to our trajectory and achievements to date. By maximizing the crossover effect, we are able to enhance our brand image, drive to final sales, and create a brand community.


Our wholesale department is dedicated to expanding sales by  focusing on the image while maintaining a scarcity value and conducting sustainable sales for the most appropriate target  for each brand. It is supported by our deep-seated market knowledge, unsurpassed global network, and fine-tuned understanding of retail and media trends.

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Wholesale inquiry : info@thewall.co.jp


As of retail, Owning one of the most influential high-end select shops, ADELAIDE and ADDITION ADELAIDE enables a brand to receive the most up-to-date and valuable insight/feedback from the shop staff as well as customers, which helps localizing and establishing a log-term business in Japan. We also support Japanese brands to expand business overseas.

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Retail inquiry : adelaide@thewall.co.jp




The Wall PR showroom is located in the heart of the fashion district of Tokyo. PR activities include, identifying key media contacts, releasing  press releases and targeting distribution, attending stylists, editors, and influencers to our press exhibitions. Necessary information for market cultivation in Japan will be researched and reported as necessary along with the grasping of the customer needs and press activities.Through press activities we prioritize upgrading the brand’s image, recognition and awareness.

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PR inquiry : press@thewall.co.jp

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