The Wall has developed special and timeless relationships with its clients. With our retail expertise and unique and effective marketing strategies, we have the experience, knowledge, and ability to meet the needs of a fast-paced and changing market, and as a result, we are able to transcend the boundaries of fashion and create new business opportunities for companies, brands, and projects in a variety of fields As a creative consulting agency, we will establish a new company, TW/service, in July 2021.

Our creative synergy and inspiration can enhance the sensitivity of everyone who experiences it, as we pursue dreams and inspiration, overcome difficulties, and create new value in the current trends of the times.

TW/service ranges from consulting, digital marketing, and brand conceptualization to effective and strategic brand communication, creative concept development, project and production management, media and talent relations, art direction, copywriting, and operations.
We provide ongoing support for our clients' strategic planning, creating new business opportunities, suggesting ideas, and maximizing the crossover effect to create a tailored strategy with a 360° approach to each project.

In the area of PR & Communication, we have formed a business alliance with The Wall and will open an on-demand media for PR with a unique approach to TW/service that cannot be imitated anywhere else.

We are also committed to creating an environment where women can work easily, support a variety of options, and create creative things and things that have never been done before. As the roles of highly motivated and capable women change, we will expand their energy and opportunities to create innovative and bold spaces.

In addition, our team is composed of people with international backgrounds, so we can make decisions with a global mindset and partner with companies anywhere in the world, leading the industry as a company that expands the possibilities for the next generation.

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